“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life." ― Wendell Berry

“America is not a pile of goods… America is a dream of greater justice and opportunity for the average man and, if we can not obtain it, all our other achievements amount to nothing.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

“Ecological agriculture allows us to make peace with the earth, soil and the society.” ― Vandana Shiva

The river moves from land to water to land, in and out of organisms, … you cannot separate the land from the water, or the people from the land. ― Lynn Noel

The 21st Century will be the era of nurture capital, built around principles of carrying capacity, care of the commons, sense of place and non-violence. ― Slow Money Principle III.

“When people, land, and community are as one, all three members prosper; when they relate not as members but as competing interests, all three are exploited. …” ― The Land Institute

Grants 2014

Awarded Grants by year: 2018201720162015 - 2014


Project: Providing enrichment classes in nutrition, healthy cooking, and gardening to 250 low-income minority kids and family members in Hartford, CT. Increase capacity to host field trips and improve teaching resources so that BFW can better support the common core curriculum and contribute to students’ academic success.

Gainesville , FL

Project: Funding for greenhouse infrastructure to grow seedlings and do germination testing, in order to further develop the Seed Library that provides a resource for locally produced, area appropriate vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

Deerfield , MA

Project: Continued funding of PV Grows staff position.

Amherst , MA

Project: Create a Center for New England Food and Agriculture. The Center will support a Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship Program; Internship Program; Collaborative Research Program; and Cross-Institutional Initiatives.

Boulder, CO

Project: General support in sponsorship of the Slow Money Fall 2014 National Gathering.

Santa Rosa , CA

Project: General support for Post Carbon Institute strategic capacity building and research on current fracking scenarios and data.

Project: The Carrot Project – Support second strategic planning process to build on expertise and marry key leverage indicators with measurable results.

Lowel , MA

Project: Beginning Farmer Network of Massachusetts – Support a collaborative network of farmers and farm service providers dedicated to the success of beginning farmers in Massachusetts.

San Francisco , CA

Project: Design a new Sustainable Agriculture curriculum module.

Gainesville , FL

Project: Sprints Eternal Project – General support to produce and tour a traveling version on Florida nature photographer John Moran’s museum exhibition: Springs Eternal: Florida’s Fragile Fountains of Youth.

Gainesville , FL

Project: To provide capacity building support to further develop the Forage Seed Library.

Gainesville , FL

Project: General facilities operating support and support for a Manager on Duty Position for the kitchen incubator facility.

Project: General support for creating the film Earth-Island: Energy and Community.

Deerfield , MA

Project: To support the continued effort to provide local sustainable food and food system infrastructure improvements in Hampden County, Massachusetts.

Santa Fe , NM

Project: General Operating funding to support ongoing programs for farm apprenticeships, land stewardship and restoration education, development and support of collaboration between diverse groups of land-users, and development and outreach of the carbon ranch.

Northampton , MA

Project: Support the funding of a new Community based loan fund in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts.

New York City , NY

Project: General operating support for all organizational activities including advocacy, operation, and protection of health clinics; health and sex education programs; electronic outreach; and promotion of enrollment of women in the Affordable Care Act.




The Lydia B. Stokes Foundation is committed to the Quaker philosophy of peace and justice. The Foundation supports building resilient, healthy communities by focusing on social and economic justice, regenerative organic agriculture, viable, healthy ecosystems, quality of life issues, development of local food systems, local energy security and peace initiatives.

This vision of interconnected Life and Living Values directs our grant making and drives our investment decisions